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Condoms for Children


Hey Madison! Look!  I can make it into a giraffe!

A swiss company has begun manufacturing and marketing a condom targeted to 12-14 year old boys, called the Hotshot. Jane loves the idea. Dan hates it. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

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You can read more about the story here.

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Bullying the Cyber Bullies


Dan and Jane discuss the ongoing case of 9 teenagers charged in the suicide death of a classmate. You can read about the story here.

WARNING: Dan says fuck in this one. Kind of a lot. Headphones is what we’re saying, people.

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Dan’s note: Dan tells Jane to shut up during this podcast. Dan was using it as a dramatic tool, to try to cajole Jane into taking a firmer stand on an issue. But now Dan feels like a tool for saying it. Dan asked Jane, and Jane said she was OK with leaving it in the podcast. It needs to be clearly noted that Dan has ASSLOADS of respect for Jane (though it appears, not enough to not call it “assloads”), and that Dan in no way meant to demean or diminish Jane’s opinion in the matter. Dan and Jane know each other pretty well, and we call each other names frequently over the phone and in email, and pretty much every other chance we get. So for us, it wasn’t a big deal. But it might be for you, when you hear it. So Dan thought you needed to hear the back story.

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She Wants to Kiss a Girl


There was a girl. She liked a girl. She wanted to take that girl to a dance. But the school said no. Kevin Bacon tried to help out, but in this version of the story, John Lithgow was way too powerful, and he cancelled the whole dance.

Here’s what Dan and Jane think about it.

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How confident is Dan in his masculinity? Here he is in drag, circa 1985. Spoiler alert: Have a hanky ready. It’s gonna bring you to tears.

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