Just in the Nick of Time

I know nothing about today’s drug scene. I read this story and thought “they make a drug just for the GBL crowd?   And why does it make you want to shoot people? That doesn’t seem fun.”

And then I read this story and thought “Are there lots of GBL’s in Russia?” And then I wondered “In Russia, do they just call it roulette?”

Do you like our baby turkey? We named him Jesus.

And the warden said “We’re making arrangements for this particular prisoner to have that thing plugged on a regular basis to reduce the number of incidents in the future.”

Is everyone in porn required to have 'James' in their name somewhere?Tiger’s 16th hole? I swear to you, if it ever comes out that Angelina Jolie was sleeping around on Brad Pitt, I’m going straight to the media to confess our torrid affair.  The public has a right to know.   So does Brad.  Not to mention it seems to be the shortest path to three filthy minutes of fame.

But until then?  Angelina?  Sweetie?   Our secret is safe.

GlaxoSmithKline?   Thanks a ton.  Really.   I mean it.  Like she needs another reason not to.  Of course, there is the benefit of reduced odds of breast cancer, so maybe it’s a wash?

Have a great weekend, tweeps, peeps and sheeps alike.  Next week Jane and I might have something fun to show you.  Well, it’s mine, technically, and Jane’s gonna help in the “big reveal,” as it were.

Fair warning: it may turn out to be one of those Aha (ha ha ha) moments.